Saturday, September 18, 2010

I just finished a book called Charley Skedaddle. It's about a boy named charley who lives in New York with his sister and delivers bonnets to her. Charley is a Bowery Boy and now his sister is getting married! She doesn't need him anymore so he joins the army. He runs all the way to Virginia(but he got a ride half way there)and started living with someone named Jershua Bent. It sounds like a boy's name but it's really a girl. Then somewhere after Cristmas, There's this thing called a painter..... (It's really a panther in mountain talk)And it kills almost all of granny bent's chickens! The next morn' it pounced at Charley and he shot it! Granny bent's not home from her 2-day trip, and now he saves her life! Nobody dares to call him a coward anymore for deserting the army. Happy Ending.

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