Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exercise In P.E.

Today my class went to P.E. P.E. stands for Physical Education. We went to Mrs. Bush's room in P.E. Before we went into the room, we went into Mr Dunn's room to do the warm up with Mr Erven. The warm up was to get a basket ball and shoot goals. After we were done, then we went into Mrs. Bush's room. While I was in the line, I jumped, screamed, and clapped for a few seconds. She had pull up bars, (two) Climbing rope, Climbing net, Walking machine, not real bikes that you could ride,sit up chair, and jump rope. I did the most pull ups. I was the only one who could do two pull ups. One of my classmates went,''Splat,'' straight onto the mats. He was like a brick wall falling.

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