Saturday, July 3, 2010


Littering is to strew a place with scattered objects:rubbish,etc. Littering is scattering trash in disorder. Littering effects everyone. Real Estate can be hard to sell when it is surrounded by trash. You see, nobody likes a trashy house. I don't either. littering will effect current residents and future generations. If people keep littering, we will have a dirty and polluted future. Nobody likes a dirty future. People who litter exhibit low character. That means people who litter show a bad example. I don't like people who litter. You can help stop littering by: throwing things that you see on the ground into the trash. Or you can tell someone that threw thrash on the ground to pick the trash up. You can also not litter. Don't litter if you are an animal lover! If you throw gum out the window, you can kill a bird because it will try to eat it and then it will get stuck then it will starve then die.

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