Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Yesterday, March 7th, my grandma and I went to see the movie Alice in Wonderland at the New IMAX theater. It was in 3D. It was an exciting movie. My favorite part was when Alice slayed the jabberwalkie. I know it sounds like a good creature, but instead, it was evil and owned by the Red Queen.
The hatter had a bottle of potion that helped Alice Shrink. There was a key that opened the tiny door behind a curtain, this lead to wonderland. Then there was the cake, when she ate the cake she grew taller. She wanted to get out of wonderland as soon as possible, to get back to her real life. When she wanted to go back to normal size in wonderland, she drank the White Queen's potion. She returned to be with her family in the end by drinking the jabberwalkie's blood.

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