Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Mom's New Car

My mom got a new car the last time I saw her. I'll describe it. It's gray, it has two seats, and it can change from a car to a convertible. Pretty cool, huh? I never hopeed for a gray car/convertible. I hoped for green, black, or blue. But I just have to go with it. The car/convertible comes with two pairs of headlights. I wonder how much that would cost. A lot, probably.

Watcher In The Woods

Today, me and alburto wathed a movie. It is called Watcher In The woods. It's a rated P.G. 13 rated movie. It's from Walt Disney pictures. It's not like animated movie from Disney like: Enchanted. The woman above in this image is not the watcher in the woods. The movie is about a teenage girln that sees a girl in the mirror. Their family moves in and bad things started happening. She saw this girl reach out saying,'' HELP ME ''. It is very scary. I hope you get to see this movie sometime.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday, I got out of school for the summer. Speaking of summer, I like it so far. And I like you too. Summer days are hot. and I like hot..... I'm out of school for only three-and a half months. I've always wondered how the weather changed by the sun. I'm staying because I'm out for summer vacation and joy and my dad have to work. I'm also staying because I'm waiting for my big birthday present. Two people are here to watch me. Alburto and Diana. (DE-ANA)