Monday, November 16, 2009


Last Friday we went to Savannah. We went to go see somebody. Guess who it is? We we went to go see Myah! You don't know who Myah is do you? We saw her last time we went to Savannah.
It was pretty fun last time. Now, Myah is 3. Friday I had to miss school because it took us 5 hrs. to get there. We went to go meet Rob,(Myah's dad)Nori,(Myah's mom)and Troy.(Rob's friend, or in other words guy with the pink hat)Saturday I woke up in a sleeping bag. Last night was pretty rough. Myah got in trouble 2 times because Myah was cranky. 1 she got in trouble because she didn't say sorry after she accidentally poked me in the eye with her Melan doll. 2 she got in trouble because she didn't want to put her PJs on. Sunday we left.(I don't mean we turned left in a car.

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