Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How I Think Everyday

When I come home every weekday, I think very hard about what to write about. I also have to think of 10 sentences. If you were me you wouldn't like it. It ONLY helps you type and not write. But my dad thinks it will improve my writing for third grade. But it won't. Anyway, it's really annoying when someone keeps begging for you to do your blog. I think about bad things and good things. Sometimes I think about Embarassing things. I love to think

My Bad Day

I was having a bad day yeterday. Well, it actualy turned out to be a better day. I got happy again. All the happiness started when I was in Mrs. Gottlieb's room.(Second grade counceler) All before the happiness, I had a horrific day at lunch-morning. It got better. AND I hurt myself with a pencil. I also couldn't go outside for the rest of that day. m I pretended to still be sad when I came back to class. It turned out to be even badder. (When I got home)Doesn't that sound like a terrible day?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Guest Room

Last Saturday, my dad pianted the guest room green. They said they would paint the hallway today. So I think that means they're going to paint the rest of the guest room Sunday. They also rearanged my room and the guest room . They moved the big shelf to the right hand corner. They moved the T.V. onto the dresser. Which they moved the dresser to the left hand corner. They aslo moved my 2nd toy chest near my bed. They moved the guest room bed back to where it was.


Redds is a good dog. Sometimes, I like to run and play with him. Or I pet him sometimes. His favorite window is: The living room window. He loves it because he can have a view of the culdesac. Or he can see If anyoone or anything is going into our driveway. Redds is growing gray or white hair on his foot. My dad says he's just growing old. He likes going outside the most. So he can play.

My New Cars

Yesterday, we came to Alburto's house and then he gave me a present. I got so exited., that In riped I open like a cat. I got some four pack variety cars. I also got Prince King Kalabra w/ saw blades(side) and pirate tatoos. The carsv were: Mach 4, Mach 5, Shooting Star, Mach 6w/jump jacks(two pairs) saw blades.(Three)Alburto didn't even know there was a Mach 4 in the movie. I really liked em' at first and I still do. Did you know that this is actually my fifth mach 5, First mach six, and second shooting star? The mach 4 is the only Mach 4 I've got. Prince kalabra is the only one I've got too. I like Prince Kalabra the most.

Me Growin' Taller.

Last night, Alburto and his mom said,''Two years later you will be as tall as don and taller than Albert,'' Then Alburto said I have wings. When you are old enough I will show you,'' ''I get a broom and beat him down When he tries to fly,''His mom Uninterrupted. we were leaving at the time they said these things. Do you know how I grow? I get plenty of sleep. I always drink milk. I also play basket ball every two weekend or every weekend I go to my granda's house.

Class Of 3000

I used to watch Class Of 3000. It was on Cartoon Network. The person that created class of 3000 is Andre 3000. He is a wrapper. He played Sunny Bridges in Class Of 3000 live. It was at the Alliance Theatre. That day, They also had been showing China's terracotta army... How did I know? China terracotta army museum army sighn were being hung up. Fourth and fifthgrades could go. Because they were trusted to represent our school.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Your teeth are very valuble. If you do not brush so well, your teeth will rott. Teeth are unforgetable. Sometimes, your teeth trott. Your teeth are the second strongest thing in the world. You havesixteen teeth when you're young. You get thirty two when you are old. Sometimes, you might bight your tounge. Your teeth may turn gold. Remember: when your teeth rott, they look ugly.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Snow

(Today) When I got off the bus, we had a snowball fight. I was in the fight too. At the end, Sen, Gerzon, and Allen each threw a snowball at me. Then, I ran home because I didn't want to get hit anymore. I set my book bag on the mailbox. I put my jacket in Daryl's house(I didn't get hit any way.)and played again. Later, Gerzon and his brother, Jason, came down to the culdesac. Then we had a snowball fight again. Before that happened, Daryl(and Erwin) let me feel their ice sculpture.(It looked like a turtle) I scared the soldiers away. and we lived!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day

Yesterday was the FIRST blizzard I've ever seen! I was at Charlie's house. It was snowing a about..12:00pm. It started snowing. Monday, we(Daryl, Erwin, and me)had a snowball fight. Didn't have to go to school because of the snow. The snow on the street iced so the road was slippery. Today, the ice hat melted. The snow on the ground iced up too. Did it snow where you live?