Friday, February 27, 2009

Speed Racer

Speed racer never gives up. If he's falling behind,he'll use ZONE MODE to SPEED UP! Zone Mode is when you have Four(4)boosts(speed up)and you use them. Even though he never did it in the movie you can do it on the video game. Other drivers can be: cannonball ''Jack'' taylor, Rosey blase,snake oiler, racer x, and others.. In the video game, it has music. His tires will be moving. 3,000 miles an hour! No body can go faster that that. No body will, either.

My Dad's Illustrations

My dad's illustrations are great! Have you seen all the cartoon characters? He does them so beautifully! I'm kinda' getting up to his artist type. He drew cartoon characters when he was little. When he was my age. Also, he also drew cartoons when exactly my age. Do you know what I can draw? I can draw the mach 5.

My Blog

I don't like my blog. It's like using a log. Joy likes to jog. She also has a dog. I hate it cause' it takes me forever. I can't just sit there, ever. I cannot go outside to play. Even tough it was a beautiful day. I will never like it. I'll just like it a little bit.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Animals Do The Strangest Things

There are great deserts of sand in Arabia and Africa. The are hot and dry. Water holes are far apart. Men could not get far withuot help.But they have the help of the camel. The camel can carry a a man and a heavy load. The camel does not mind livving in the dessert. This is because he can do many srange things other animals cannot do. Sometimes, out in the dessert, the winds blow. The sand gets into everything then.


Some have seeds and some don't. But clementines are even better. Completely no seeds- and better than candy. Sweet and juicy. Easy to peel, round and orange clementines. Doesn't it make you wanna' eat one? I eat them a lot. They also help me think of good things. Do you want to know how you tell that it is a a clementine? They are flat and little.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Adventures Of:Snake Boy

Here is a story about Snake Boy. Once, everything was fine until Snake heard POW!!! Then he went into his garage, got into his car, and drove off. His official locating system(Which is in the middle of his steering wheel.) tells him where to go. When he got there, he put out his front blade and scared the person form behind the man sqealed,''EEKK!'' Snake said,''HWIEE! YA!'' while alnmost pouncig the jacks on him. then the man knew not to mess wih snakes again.


Spring is is coming! It's almost here! I can't wait. A couple more weeks and before you know it... It'll be spring! Spring's in April! The twenty third day of that month is my birthday. I can't wait until my birthday either.Or is spring coming on March twenty eighth? My grandma says the twentey eighth of March and the most percentage of people choose April. So i'd rather go with that.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hat Day:Relay For Life

Today was relay for life hat day. You bring a dollar, you wear your favorite hat. I brought money, but I didn't bring a hat. So, I let Jason, the artist of the class, my money. I wanted to be nice so I let him have my money. Because he didn't bring money. He wore his blue hat. It has four big, fat, white stripes on the front of it. In art, he loves to draw cars. He even wore his cap during P.E!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Presdient's Day

Monday was Prestident's Day. We cellanrate it to remember all presidents that lived many years ago. Abraham lincon is on the penny. (Which every body knows.)But I don't know who is on the quarter. It's either George Bush or Washington.(Not Washington D.C.) Some people have cake, Fireworks, and other food. Like cupcakes, turkey, and icecream w/sprinkles and whip cream ooh this sounds like a sunday! My teacher really likes food so why not invite her? Oh Ithink I know who's on the quarter. George Washington?

Hello, World

I think before ''EARTH'' was made, it was just a star. I think that star turned 10,000 degrees!! Fahrenheit and celsius. Or I would say centigrade. I have no idea of how people were made. I have no idea about animals either. I do know why the ground sucks things in. E.G. A spider dies then you show your friend the next day. It does not look ugly. That means it is organic. If a fake spider is on the ground for more than a day, it will ook ugly. So that means it is inorganic.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothlake Mall, GA

Yesterday, my grandma came over and spent the night over at my dad's house. Today, we went to Northlake Mall, GA. First, we walked around the mall and I rode the bungee jump for free. Later, we came back to pay. Before that, we went to Kroger and got cash back. It took like forever to shop at KHOL'S. She gave me 25 cents for bubble gum. Then she said,''Now if you are going to get bubble gum, you don't get ice cream.'' Then I went over and got bubble gum. I did the bungee jump again. We had a lot of fun right grandma? She says,'' Yes. ''

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snake Boy's Story

Do you know Snake Boy's story? I made it up. Ok, we'll go on with the story. Once apon a time there was a kid. He was walking to find some place to camp. Then, a snake bit him. It pulled him down it's snake hole. Down there, was a whole other world. Standing beside him was his car. Later he came out with his car without a college degree or a driver's license.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today it is nice outside. In the winter, people HAVE FREEZED their butts off! Even me! THAT IS RIGHT. I almost froze to death! Well, not exactly, it just felt like it. I said at the bus stop this morning,"We're going to FREEZE TO DEATH!!'' I was acting crazy. Don't you think? Everyone else just glared and frowned at me.

My Own Character

Yesterday, Alburto told me to make up my own character. My character's name is Snake Boy. His super power is: telekinesis. He also can shoot viper teeth out of the palm of his hand. He does telekinesis with his teeth. So, that means he has long teeth? Yes it does. He has cobra teeth. His costume is a hoodie. He has a car.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Room

Do you know how messey I said my room was? Well, that problem is solved. On Monday, we cleaned under my dresser, under my bed, under and behind my book shelf. Tuesday we cleaned out my toychest and closet. Now it's all clean. Everywhere in my room. Not exaly everywhere. All the baby stuff that was in my toychest is now in a box that we are going to take to the trift store. I think we're going to go ther tommorw.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today I went on my bus and realized the bus was cold.(This morning)Later, I noticed that the bus driver(Mr. D) Turned the heat on. It was twenty-nine degrees. 29 So, if he added thirteen degrees Fahrenheit, it would be forty+13
two degrees(abbreviation)'F. I just =42
did a math word problem! I didn't notice I did. On the bus this afternoon, someone threw up. Then boom! It turned into an Ice cube.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Favorite Cartoon Character

My favorite cartoon character is FredFred Burger. You know why? Because he's funny. He says,''Yes!'' anytime something happens. He likes nachos and yogurt. He also likes: Green beans, beef, beans, (Exept for black eye peas) and hot dogs. FredFred Burger says out loud andwrites his name in caps like this: FREDFRED BURGER. FredFred Burger likes to say yes but nobody knows why.

Super Bowl

I don't know why the Super Bowl had to be so short. While my dad's freinds and him watched the Superbowl, I played speed racer the video game on Wii. My friend, Stefano, came over on Saturday and had a sleepover with me. He played two players with me. Then Ethan played with him. Do you know who the Wii belongs to? Eric and his girlfriend,(Who now lives with him)Diana.(DE-ana) After Ethan arrived, I noticed he rented it for six days! That's until friday..!!