Friday, January 30, 2009

Ground Hog Day

Ground hog day's coming! It's almost Here! Ground hog day's right around the corner. That means it's a few days from now. If he sees his shadow, six more weeks or dreary cloudy winter. who wants sprin...I do! Bye-bye winter. HELLO SPRING! If he doesn't see his shadow.

The Future

What do you suppose the future will be like? Flying cars, super tall buildings, who knows? You can even expect robot pets. Nobody Knows what the future will be like. You just have to let it happen. That's what you can only do. Unless you build a time machine. Which the time machine won't work. he future will cost a lot more money that it does now. If you have an answer tell me!! Tell me!! ONLY be e-mail.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me drawing cars

I like Speed Racer a lot. Cars motorcycles, what ever!! It's true. My dad's an artist and I'm a Speed racer car-drawer! If I learned how to draw all the cars in the movie I could be a master at drawing Speed Racer cars. I could try but it would take months. In art class I drew a Chrysler PT cruiser. I drew it from the northeast side. It wasn't wery hard at all. All I had to do was get a piece of paper that was laminated and that had the car on it. Here is a image of speed racer,the game.

Calvin And Hobbes..

I like Calvin and Hobbes. Why do I like it? Because I like comics. I like book comics, news paper comics, any kind! Just give it to me! If you find any comics (Besides Conan the barbarian) just give it to ME!! ME, ME ,ME,ME!!!! The Calvin and Hobbes book I have is by Waterson Period. Actually, all the Calvin and Hobbes books are by Waterson! I know, wow. How can he write that many books by himself??!! Without a Illustrator.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New year in school

Today at school we celebrated Chinese New Year. (IN THE AFTERNOON) We took pictures and We ate noodles too. We even made cards for each other! I came home with a pair of chopsticks. When I came home this afternoon, I told my dad I celebrated Chinese new year in school. The chopsticks I bought home came with a red packet that told you how to hold chopsticks. The chopsticks are made of bamboo. Chopstick A is used for support and does not move. Put this chopstick between your middle and ring fingers. Put chopstick B between your middle and index fingers, and hold it with your thumb. Open the tips of the chopsticks and try to pick up food with them.

Friday, January 23, 2009

judy moody

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and today I've been reading a book called Judy moody. There says:was in a mood. Not a good mood a bad mood. It had a picture of her with tiger sriped pans on and a T-shirt. With her hair sticking out on the right side of her left eye. Her name is Judy moody because she's always in a mood. It's sometimes a bad one. like when she called Mr. Todd Mr. Toad. Sometimes it can be a good one. like when Jaws opened it's jaws just in time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Clementines are even better than candy. Clementines don't have seeds in them.If you try one, you'll see that I'm right. They'realso easy to peel. They're Sweet and kind of look like an orangeExept it's a smaller size. some can be sqishy and some can be hard. But they'll all taste the same. Exept for rotten ones. When hey get rotten,they grow mold over them and ge super squishy.


Last Wednesday morning my dad went to Colorado. Colorado is where they have snow all the time. My dad went to Colorado so he can go snowboarding with his friends. I want to go snow skiing with my dad. He said he would take me toNorth Carolina to snow ski. He said they have fake snow there. He came back Tuesday. He was back before I arrived home. Joy said he was supposed to be back before me.So I didn'tgo to daryl's house like I normally do.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my many colored days

Sometimes I feel excited. Sometimes I feel calm. White makes me feel calm. It feels like I'm at a stadium and someone comes out of the curtains. Playing the flute in solo. White makes me feel excited. WHAM! I feel like I'm driving the Mach 5 on a floating track in the air. I'm racing against other cars head to head with racer x. The Mach 5 is A F-A-K-E! You know why? Because there are just screws on the steering wheel instead of controls.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My grandma's rummikub game

My grandma left her rummikub game at my dad's house on Chistmas. After she told me, we went to target and bought a new ruumikub game on New Years Eve. That night we played it. Here is how you play rummikub. First you pick up a tile. whoever picks up the highest number goes first. then you pickup fourteen tiles. Here are two examples to play the game: 333 3456 That explains a lot doesn't it?
the object is to get rid of all your tiles, by playing same numbers or a consecutive run. Now you know how to play rummikub.

My first day back to school

My first day back to school was actually pretty easy. But school won't be so easy for long. I 'm having a C.R.C.T test April first. THey say the C.R.C.T is hard. But not for me. I'll know almost everything on the C.R.C.T. The C.R.C.T has three things:MATH,READING,SCIENCE. My first day back to school wasn't that hard,My class and I learned two words in Latin. The words are: Ante and Maridian.ON my first day back I wore my new shoes and jacket. My first day back to school was kind of normal, but that day we started a science club. The experiments were fun.


Last week we did gas. Last week we did a sheet on popcorn. The whole class did that science club. Till' the end of that scool week. We learned all about gases. Gases are invisible. I think you can see the molicubes in it. acualy you cant see the molicubes. But I'll describe it. Its white, very hot, and rises.


My class started a new science club. You had to pay a dollar to join. When we started it we did solids liquids and gases. The day after that we poured ice cold water into room tempurture water. the blue food color sank. But when we poured the hot water into the room temurture water the red food color rose. When I saw that the light blue color was dark I learned the colder the liquid is the darker the color. Inside the tank the food color the food color turned light blue. Most of the food clor stayed at the bottom.