Thursday, December 4, 2008


N.E.D. came to our school!! Who is N.E.D? What does it (N.E.D)
stand for? Well, N.E.D stands for Never give up, Encourage
others, and Do your B-E-S-T. NED is a boy that travels around
the world, and goes to visit schools on his way. He is one cool
man that knows yo-yo tricks
. He knows: around the world, Green alien ship, Eiffel tower, elevator, Lazer wall, Marry-go round, rock the baby, rock the baby hard, the throw, and walk the dog. It's just amazing. If you went to the NED program in the gym, you'd be amazed. You'd have your mouth wide open and drooling to know those tricks. Or you'd be begging like a dog. He came on Tuesday, December 2nd 2008. Also I bought a yo-yo from school that was 6.50. Also On my yo-yo it says: NED and Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best and it's orange+it has his picture on it.

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