Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Trip To The Llama Farm

Saturday, November 29th I saw and fed llamas. Do you know what llamas do when they're fighting for food? I know what they do when they're fighting for food. They spit at you or other llamas!!! Ha ha ha!! Isn't that funny??? They spit at a pretty long distance.I got to pet the llamas too. The llamas didn't spit though. The llamas spit fast like,''Ptoo!'' If you know anything about llamas, please tell me. I went to the llama farm with my grandmother. I think there is going to be a llama parade in January 1st 2009. Anyway, Mrs. liliann brought bread out of her house to feed the llamas, and she had a lot of bread packs.
It was great fun!

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