Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow!! I'm so exited! I can't wait until christmas & Thanksgiving which is close!I wonder what we're going to eat instead of just turkey. I love pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is awesome! Thanks giving is my favorite holiday all through out the year. We might even have all kinds of food!!!! But, Thanksgiving isn't just about eating, it about praying peacefully. That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I love cars a lot. Do you know how much I like speed racer??? Speed racer is like an out of this world movie. It's the best movie I ever saw in my whole life. For six years I didn't watch that?? Grrrrrr..... I even like NASCAR. That's a secret don't tell anyone. I'm going to drive NASCAR when I grow up. Don't tell anyone that either. Or I will be mad at you. (Except for my grandmother.) VERY MAD..........

What Are Dots Called After A Sentence??????????????

What are dots called after a sentence?? They are called ellipsises. Do you know what an ellipsis is?? I bet you do... Ellipsises are periods. See, I put period plural. 'Cause that is true. I had to put: Periods. Because periods are ellipsises. In school, I learned about ellipsises.

Our other new video camera

  1. Our other new video camera really works!!!! Did you even know that?! Okay, I'll tell you how our other new video camera looks... The camera's neck is like a bendie straw but black. Then the camera's head is blue. (Blue) Which is my middle name. That's how our other new video camera looks. The blog before this had a video. That explains a lot doesn't it? Yes it does. The camera allows you to have special effects during the video. The camera has canvas. Do you even know what canvas is???? My grandmother knows what canvas is.................. The camera even has black and white.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

speed racer

Watch this Speed Racer video. It'll be on a video camera. Also, It'll be a cool video. I'm going to sing Speed Racer during the video. This is called a video blog. There will be Rex Racer car, Speed, Gray Ghost, and Snake Oiler. I know it's boring without the Cannonball Taylor car. Also the Tejako Jokaghn. But Joy, my dad's girlfriend, I know, HA HAHA HA HA he has a girlfriend, took the cars from me. Now I can't use them until next Monday. Because, I took too many cars to the restaurant. I took five and she said three.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Arcade

The arcade me, my mom, and my Grandmother went to was fun. The arcade had a lot of games. It had go-carts too. I was so exited to do the go-carts. But I was not old enough. You have to be 8 or older. I'm only seven. Anyway, my mom got me a gaming card. I played a lot of different games. The one I liked best was Crazy Taxi. I liked Crazy Taxi because it had ramps and crazy taxi driving.

How to write an acrostic poem.......

Here is how to write an acrostic poem.
Step 1: Write anything.. but downwards. Like this.
Neat & nice
Loves to learn
Responsible, Respectful, & Representable
Then you say things about it or them.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My new visor

Yesterday, I made a new visor in my room. My new visor has my name on it. There is a whale and an octopus just for fun. There is an upside down ''U" on my hat I think. The letters kind of goes off the edge a little bit. I wrote Blue Clark which is the rest of my name in Sharpie marker. It was black. My visor was green. I put the plastic, curly circled, string on it.


We think aliens don't exist. But they do. We have been getting reports that people are being stolen form Earth. Or being killed. Because they say it was an alien. So don't go move into Sand Rock or The Coastal Plain. If you live in Sand Rock Desert, be careful. Or else BOOM! Don't even think about living in the Coastal Plain. You will be taken from Earth or be killed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Mall

Yesterday, my grandma got lost while driving to the mall. Me and my grandma have never been to the Gwinnet Place Mall before. We parked in front of Sears in a handy parking spot. Before we did all this, my grandma bought me 2 Speed Racer cars. Speed Racer and Racer X. Except, they have the same shaped cars. After we went into the mall, we walked straight to the food court. then, my grandma and Dian found bungee jumping: Ultimate slingshot. I cut a few backflips while jumping. Then we left. Then, my grandma got lost again!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Do I Love America?

Why do I love America?? Because it has FREEDOM. In other countries, people aren't allowed to go to school. people are dying to protect us. But look on the bright side. We are O.K. The United States Of America is one of the best countries in the world. At least I know I'm FREE. I won't forget the man who died, who gave that right to me and I gladly stand up, next to you and defend her still today. There ain't no doubt I love this land! God bless the U.S.AAAAAAA! Don't forget to look on the bright side. Don't look on the dark side. Don't move from America!

Monday, November 10, 2008

How To Write A Letter

Oh there you are! Do you want to know how to write a letter? Well here is how to write one. For my example only. Don't copy mine. Greeting Dear Mrs. Freeman,
body I like your teaching so far. I wish you all my heart that you are teaching us so well. I'm very glad that you are getting us ready for third grade. Third grade is very serious and hard. I am smart! I HAVE THE POWER!

closing Love,
signature Candler Blue Clark.



Friday, November 7, 2008

The Many Colored Leaves

Us humans think we have many Colored leaves. We, my dad, joy, and I actually have purple leaves. Right now, across the street, on the left side of that house, lives a purple-leaved tree. Anyway, transport to leaf colors. We have Orange, Indigo,Violet, Yellow, Purple, Red and finally, blue. Which is my middle name. Grrrrrrr! Wow I've said a lot of sentences about The Many Colored Leaves. Do you know why I'm writing about The Many Colored Leaves? Because he told me to. I do not know why. But he just told me the word. I mean the title.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our new video camera

Yesterday, my dad bought me a video camera. The video camera actually connects to the top of your computer. I meant your laptop. First, I thought it was an I Clops camera. But then I asked,"Is this an I Clops camera," My dad said,"No," my dad said,"Now you can make a video blog." "You can say hi my name is Candler Blue Clark. Blah blah blah blah blah blah an all that stuff. Then I was mad. Now my dad hid the camera. Why don't I just ask him? O.K. I will go ask him.

Monday, November 3, 2008


My dad's girlfriend, Joy, wants a baby goat so bad. More than you can thinkJoy wants my dad to build a baby animal farm. We already but my father doesn't have time. Also we don't even have enuogh wood. Well, speaking of goats, my music teacher Mrs. Gwaltney, has an istrument that is made out of goat nails. The instrument that is made out of goat nails is the loudest. Plus the thunder intrument. I'm sorry but I don't know any goat facts. Please let me know if you do. Anyway, goat nails are gross. Isn't that right?