Monday, October 20, 2008

Tebediah Burt Robinson Martin

Jebediah is afraid of his haunted house. That is full of creepy and scary noises. He is also afraid of the dark (because he is only 5 years old.) and Halloween. Jebediah has gewey and creepy adventures. Well, todays adventure will be traveling around the globe. Jebediah lives in Texas but he can speak Asian, Proper English, and can speak Real English. Like we speak Ameican. First, he steped into his closet and appeared in the airport like Skippy John Jones does. When he steped onto the airplain, then the piolot said,"Hellow there. How are you?" Jebediah responded,"Good." It takes 80 days to travel the world. Or maybe 82. Maybe it takes 85 days to travel the world. I am sorry, I do not know.

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