Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Stellaluna is a good book. Because well, I guess Stellaluna is a good book. Let me tell you some bat facts. Well, Stellaluna is also based on bats too. One bat fact is: bats have echo location or sonar. One also is: Owls perfer bats as food Double EWWW! Right? One other bat fact is:Bats are blind so thay use their echo location or sonar. Let me tell you what happened in the book stellaluna. When the book began, mama bat was getting food, then an owl swooped down gracefully, and tried to eat stellaluna. But stellaluna fell. Hours later Stellaluna was in a birds nest. Then Stellaluna began acting like a bird.ENDING Stellaluna invited the bird family over. Then the birds did the same.

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