Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Adventures Of Jebediah Burt Robinson Martin

  1. Today's adventure for Jebediah is scuba diving very very deep under the water or near the surface. Jebediah stepped off his couch and said to himself,"What should my adventure be?" Then appeared under the ocean. W\his scuba diving gear on. While he is swimming and exploring the ocean, he was quieter than a snake. He also very quietly swam away from meat eating under water creatures and Jebediah thought,"Ahhh that animal is going to eat me!" Now continuing sea meat eating creatures, they can be: Killer whales, peronnas, and especially sharkes! before Jebediah even went into the water, he didn't know what his adventure would be. He thout it was traveling to China. Also he wanted to learn the chinese language. Do you know how he wanted to travel there? He wanted to swim under the ocean all the way there.

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