Tuesday, September 30, 2008

second grade at L.E.S is the best!

My school is L.E.S. wch is the BEST. L.E.S stands for Lilburn Elementary School. The B in best stands for Building. The E in best stands for Engaged. The S in best is for Striving. The T in best is for Teaching. So they're trying to say that L.E.S. is the best. We have breakfast. We have lunch at 10:00 P.M. I am in Mrs. N. Freeman's second grade class.

Monday, September 29, 2008


We have had a lot of gas leaks. A gas leak sound is wierd and noisy. If a gas leak, PLEASE light up some candles and be sure that a candle doesn't fall. Because if a candle falls, you will die while your house explodes. You don't have any time to get out. That is a bad thing if you die. Sometimes I come home from school and there is a gas leak. One time I came home from school and I went to Jason and Gerzon's house and in a few minutes.... A BLACK OUT!! Bam! The black out scared thier mom so much, she screamed. Right after the black out.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Every day my dog is let outside. But one time he wasn't Then the hallway stunk. Also or later, after my dad\Joy were done cleaning it up, they told me to remind them to let the dog outside after I came home from school. My dog's name is Redds. Anyway, every time he first goes outside he begs to come inside. when my dad notices Redds is beginning to beg to come inside my dad goes outside and tells Redds to go to the bathroom. Sometimes Redds goes into the woods to use the bathroom. you know I was telling you all about my dog Redds.

Finest Song

Last time we went to music class, I learned a song that is called:Finest Song in music class last time. It goes like this before we say good by, before we say good by we would like to tell you: before we say good by we'll miss you. We we'll Hope we'll see you again. THAT'S our FINEST Sooooooooong. Then there's a coda. Wich is at the end of the song or music kind of like a introduction. But it's in the beginning. We are going to have music next week. That song was great! I really loved that song. It is a very well done song!

Finest Song

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I learned what germinate means.  Germinate means to grow.  WE're always useing fancy words in 2nd grade a lot.  WE also learned parts of a seed.  I have no idea why we have to use fancy words now.  all we learned about was just germinateing, parts of a seed, and a ven diagram.  We used for an example we used me and Micheal.  Oh my god, all we learned about was a ven diagram, germinateing, and what a seed has?  Usually we learn this we learn about that and this.  OUR BRAINS NEED A REST!  I'm glad that we just learned three things.  A seed has a food storage, a coat, and a tiny plant.  I can't believe I know that much.  I usually forget what I learned.   

Thursday, September 18, 2008

WOAHWler coaster

Hi! My name is Candler. Here's a link to pbkids WOAHWler coaster. First you type in www.pbskids.org. Then go to where it says Fetch! for you. The directions will be in the game. All you do is build a coaster, then test it on Ruff! There are bonuses! Make sure you place the end grage at the end. Don't forget there are bonuses! Watch out! Don't go to fast at the end.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rock climbing

Last Saturday, we went rock climbing. It was fun to be rock climbing and there's a slide. You have to climb up the wall with no rope. Because it's so easy. After you climb up the wall, then you slide down and land on your bottom. All along we were in a gym. But the slide that goes rally fast if you lift your hands and legs up. I made it to the top a lot. On the walls. But on the walls they have a rope around you.