Monday, July 28, 2008


June 27 was my mom's birhtday. I wish my mom a happy birthday.She's very nice to me. She takes me to the park. I LOVE her and she LOVES me.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Thursday we went to go see the sloths. One of the sloths's names were Millie. I liked Millie the most bacause she was really funny. She made me laugh. She also reached back and grabed the back of her basket. We saw baby sloths and one of them cried. We went on a long walk and saw three
sloths in the jungle.

Rafting - Arenal

Last week me, my dad, Joy, Michael, Alley, Angelyn, and Jack went rafting. I was really scared at first. But after a while I started having fun. Two days before we went rafting We went to hotel Baldi and I was really scared to go down the water slide. There are hot springs and pools and it was good to be there. We went to a hotel close to the vocano. That's when we started to see mag-ma. It was fun to watch mag-ma come out of the volcano.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yesterday we went to the beach and I took my mach 5 there. Back at the hotel, I made it rool down the roof with my dad and I had to go get it. After I stoped lanching my mach 5 off the roof, we went to dinner. Witch was good dinner.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

monkey head island

Today, me, dad, and Joy went to the beach and we went throgh the rocks. On the way, we past throgh big waves and stuff. It was the valcano that cost all the rocks me and Joy got blisters in our feet. Ecsept for my dad. When we got to the end I was very very scared. You know what I was afraid of? I was afraid we were going to die! On the way we got wet very wet. I was like akkk! we're going to die! But the were cool things on the way and we could see Monkey Head Island.